Paint Nite



In the spring of 2012, Bostonians Dan Herman and Sean McGrail had an idea to bring people together under the roofs of local pubs to experience the thrill of brushing paint on canvas. Since then, thousands of people all over the country have armed themselves with drinks and paintbrushes and followed simple steps shown by local painters until beautiful works of art (or relics of good times) appear in front of them. “I have many fond memories of Paint Nite. I was drawn to it because of the fun and entertaining atmosphere,” said Ashlee Merchant, a talented instructor who launched her painting career in Boston and then later brought the Paint Nite movement to California.

While we didn’t have a chance to experience Paint Nite in the place where it was born, we did test it out in Rancho Cucamonga, California, our current hometown. Safe to say, everyone in the restaurant had a blast and most everyone came away with beautiful paintings. See the full story here.