Behind the Scenes



Introducing Lindsay Oliveira and Lou, two happy members of New England Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Center. Lou was found in California clinging to life after losing an eye and over half his body weight. He was brought to the NEA and nursed back to health, but his injuries prohibited him from being released back into the wild. Now, he enjoys following the love of his life, Roxy, around and playing in the water. He and his trainer, Lindsay, work together on perfecting helpful behaviors for medical and educational purposes. The fin raising that Clare is trying to assist with is used to check the health of the fins and dexterity. The twirl is also to test for any sore spots and to capture the attention of the crowd and help develop empathy toward sea lions in the wild. None of the seals are forced to perform and if they want to take a day off and play, they are encouraged to do so.